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Factory Direct

All Master Grower LED grow lights are manufactured in our own factory. From raw material selection to production and testing, we focus on every aspect to ensure the products delivered at the best condition and working free from trouble.

Local Delivery in US Canada Europe

Customers who live in United States(contiguous 48), Canada, Europe can buy our products directly from out local warehouse. NO shipping cost, NO import duty, NO tax. You buy, we deliver at your door, just that simple!

Case Study

Jun 29, 2021

Indoor Grow With GLMX720

This is an ongoing cultivation project with GLMX720 LED grow light. We will keep updating about the latest status of ...

Jun 29, 2021

Grow Autos with GLMX720 PRO

Huge shout-out to Eddie who grows these beautiful plants with our GLMX720 PRO LED grow light. GROW LIGHT: GLMX720 PRO...

Jun 26, 2021

Dry flower weight up to 255g per plant with GLMX720

Dry flower weight up to 255g per plant!Huge shout-out to Richard Okun who conducted the cultivation test with our GLM...
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