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How to maintain indoor crop with 600W LED grow light?

How to maintain indoor crop with 600W LED grow light?

Photoperiod is the time of exposure to light that plants receive each day. In other words, it is the number of hours that the plant will expose to light and darkness. Moreover, it depends on its stage of development. Moreover, 600W LED grow light is great for many plants.

 600W LED grow light

Plants are sensitive to light and notice any type of change in exposure time, which interferes with their development. Therefore, the photoperiod must take into account in both indoor and outdoor cultivation.


In practice, photoperiod control is easier to be done in indoor cultivation because it involves artificial lighting and therefore exposure to light is easy to do manually.  

Along with choosing and installing adequate grow lighting, it is almost a rule to also install a timer or timer so that the light automatically turns on and off, according to the photoperiod.


The photoperiod needs to be followed to the letter, and may vary according to the evaluation of the owner of the crop and its objectives. This means that the exposure time is easy to change so that development is faster.

If the plant still does not show the expected result for the stage in which it finds. The photoperiod control can also serve to alleviate the temperature in the room. Similarly, this leaves the 600W LED grow light on at night and dark during the day, reducing the impact of heat in warmer regions, in addition to the use of exhaust fans and fans.

What is the importance of photoperiod?

In outdoor cultivation, attention doubles due to variations in climate and temperature, in addition to the influence of geographic location and the season of the year. To get an idea about the importance of the photoperiod, there are cases in regions such as the United States, with a predominantly temperate climate where outdoor cultivation is done in a type of hybrid system.

 600W LED grow light

By using the hours of natural sunlight, but relying on an artificial lighting system, activated when the sun goes down. This compensates for the exposure time and helps to meet the plants' need, especially in the growing phase, for many hours of 600W LED grow light throughout the day.

What are the common mistakes during cultivation?

In both types of cultivation, the most common mistake is not making the photoperiod within the indicated time; after all, if there is frequent oscillation, the plants suffer from stress. On the other hand, insufficient exposure will slow down plant development.

Another mistake is not taking into account the stage the plant is in, such as germination, growth and flowering.

What is exposure time for plants?

The exposure time for one phase is not the same for another. In the vegetative growth phase, the most common time of exposure to light is 6/18, with 18h of light and 6h of darkness. At this stage, there are those who adopt the 24/0 photoperiod, with the lights on throughout the day. Moreover, it makes the electricity bill more expensive, but which would yield faster plant growth.

Others opt for the 20/4 when the objective is to grow auto flowering varieties, which ask for faster growth for this 600W LED grow light is easy to use. The same photoperiod is easy to use in the case of the cultivation of photo dependent varieties, as an alternative between the usual 6/18 and the extreme 24/0.

In the flowering phase, the photoperiod is 12/12 with the greenhouse lights on for 12 hours a day and with the same period of darkness. For the flowering plant to activate, a minimum of 12 hours of darkness is important.

What is the influence of photo period on germination?

The photoperiod also influences the germination phase. It is a determining factor in this process. There are seeds, the so-called positive photo blasts, in which light stimulates germination and plants do not germinate in the dark.

On the other hand, in negative photoblastic seeds, the opposite occurs. Light inhibits germination and plants germinate in the dark.

There are also seeds that germinate regardless of whether they are under 600W LED grow light or dark. Regarding the exposure time, there are studies that show that after 4 hours of light there is already a gradual increase in the percentage of germination. However, with 12 hours of exposure to light, it is possible to reach maximum germination of the seeds.

How to increase indoor performance?

When you start a crop, your greatest wish is for time to pass as quickly as possible and for the time to harvest indoors soon. Unfortunately, as everyone knows, it takes patience and maintaining a routine that contributes to the best development of plants. 

On the other hand, harvest time doesn't happen, how about finding out more about the harvesting process, especially if you've had a previous experience that wasn't very good. Check out the tips and learn how to improve your indoor crop performance using 600W LED grow light.

Identifying errors in the execution of the harvest in indoor cultivation

Taking into account that the harvest in indoor cultivation is not a quick work, that is, that it is occurring in the correct period, at least two errors are the most common to occur:

  • Overfert
  • Cuts in the wrong places

What is overeating?

A very common mistake throughout planting is the excess of nutrients and fertilizers in the land. The issue is that an overfert close to harvest time can compromise the work of months of cultivation. Therefore, it is important to stop using fertilizers a week before harvesting.

Summary 600W LED grow light

When taking this measurement, you will notice that the leaves and flowers will turn a little yellow, but rest assured. This is normal because they are sucking in the last available nutrients. 

In this way, excess fertilizer residues in the flowers avoid. This causes a strong taste and smell, in addition to harming the part of the experience. Similarly, it involves the pure aroma and flavor of the newly picked flower.

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