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OCTOPUS 400: Grow Light full Spectrum for Indoor Plantation

OCTOPUS 400: Grow Light full Spectrum for Indoor Plantation


Recessed LED lights - The wrong use of Grow light full spectrum in agriculture makes many households and businesses not only spend money on buying this "artificial sun" device, but also negatively affect the efficiency.

 Grow Light full Spectrum

Let's learn about this type of light with Master Grower leds and common mistakes when using agricultural lights.

How to avoid Grow light full spectrum mistakes?

Agricultural LED lights are specialized lights that use spectral wavelengths to help plants photosynthesize in the best way. Those are wavelengths in the range of 380 - 750 nanometers (nm), completely different from conventional LEDs.

Therefore, the light of the agricultural LEDs emitted is completely absorbed by the plants, very useful for the plants, and also ensures the most reasonable power consumption.

In order to use LED agricultural lights with high efficiency and promote the value of "artificial sun", it is necessary to use the right type of lamp suitable for each type of plant.

Grow light full spectrum in agriculture

With indoor vertical garden

Using the wrong type of Grow light full spectrum causes plants, vegetables, and flowers to lose their color, and have local purple leaves (that is, the color of the lights overwhelms the green of the leaves).

In there:

For vertical flower garden: The ideal distance from the leaf surface to the lamp is 1m, corresponding to the area that the lamp can project onto the wall is 1m2. Lighting time is from 12-14 hours/day.

For vertical vegetable gardens: The distance to hang the lights is from 1.3 to 1.5m, corresponding to the area where the lights can be projected on the tree is 1.5m2. Lighting time is from 10-12 hours/day.

With hydroponic garden

Using non-specialized Grow light full spectrum causes plants not to photosynthesize, not to produce flowers and fruits as desired.   

It is recommended to use LED lights with integrated 3-color RGB light (red, green, blue) to ensure that plants still photosynthesize well in a hydroponic environment.

 Lighting time from 10-12 hours/day

- The lamp needs covering with a waterproof plastic tip, avoid strong touch when watering the plants.

Regardless of the group of trees to choose the right type of light and lighting time

It is recommended to use Grow light full spectrum with light wavelengths from 620 nm-660 nm (red light), for photosynthesis and plant growth.

In there:

With the group of long-day plants: Depending on the variety and the age of the plants, the lighting time for the plants can last from 15-21 days per wave, an average of 3 times/ five. Lighting time each night is 5-7 hours (from 10 pm to 4 am the next day).

 With a group of short-day plants: Should install more lampshades to focus maximum light on the trees. Moreover, you need to reduce the number of lights and protect the life of the bulbs. Similarly, lighting time each night can reduce from 10 hours to 4 hours, 2 hours/day, and lasting 7-10 days.

Do not use wrong Grow light full spectrum

Using the wrong Grow light full spectrum for indoor gardens causes the "life expectancy" of the tree to decrease and underdeveloped.

For gardens without sunlight, it is necessary to use LED lamps with two fixed wavelengths of spectrum (usually 460 nm blue and 660 nm red).

Additional lighting time for plants is from 10-12 hours/day

LED agricultural grow lights (vegetable lights) When technology has developed to today, LED lights for plant growth have been used for indoor cultivation as well as hydroponics or aquaponics.

Currently the LED market has proven its success in growing crops from cannabis, lettuce to vegetables and even strawberries... The market continues to thrive as a number of LED suppliers have already established themselves. LED technology development goes step by step further with exciting new research.

Benefits of genuine LED grow lights

Grow light full spectrum has many advantages, but the most outstanding is the feature of saving energy and increasing productivity for plants. Depending on the wattage of each light bulb, most LED grow lights are very energy efficient.

 Led lights bring light to simulate sunlight for planting, helping plants to photosynthesize and metabolize to grow, making it easier for growers to be more active and easier when growing plants in low light or dark places there is light.

In the current biotechnology industry, the phrase LED grow lights is not too strange because of its environmental friendliness as well as its support for plants to grow in the best way. However, to be able to use it most effectively, you should carefully learn its technical information, to limit the difficulties while applying it to farming.

The basics of led grow lights

If you don't know the concept of photosynthetic lights, it will be hard to come up with any ideas when using it. This is a mass-produced lamp that supports the imitation of the Sun to provide an artificial light source to help plants perform the best photosynthesis.

Some features of grow lights

Output wavelength

For plants, the wavelength of light is extremely important for photosynthesis and plant growth. The limited range of photosynthetic radiation and wavelengths of light will increase the growth of vegetation.
Grow Light full Spectrum

Lamp power

The output of the lamp is designed from components such as Led chip, driver, and heat sink. With the increase in capacity, the efficiency of the Grow light full spectrum will increase because the manufacturer knows how to reduce the temperature in the electronic circuit board. .

Light intensity

When using indoor plant lights, you will easily measure light sources from different distances when accessing the light meter. After adjusting, you will see that the distance between the light source, the light meter and the intensity will be reduced.

Quality of LED Grow light full spectrum

These LED diodes have been manufactured to certain specifications to give the actual wavelength. Manufacturers apply this factor to create the most accurate light waves.

LED lens of the lamp

The quality of the Grow light full spectrum depends on the lens attached to it. These light lenses will have an effect on the trace and output. In case it does not give the desired trace, you can re-measure the quality of the lamp

Benefits of using indoor plant lights

When using this type of lamp, it will produce optimal light wavelengths to promote faster photosynthesis. It is also from here that plants will grow and develop better at a rapid rate, without having to depend on sunlight.

Make the job easier

Instead of spending a lot of time researching weather conditions, you can put the lights anywhere you want without worrying about sunlight and you will be able to grow plants anywhere.

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