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5 Types of High Power LED Grow Light in 2021

5 Types of High Power LED Grow Light in 2021


The cultivation of plants, whether indoors, in the so-called “indoor” cultivation, or in wider spaces, such as gardens, can have allies that will help in the development of the species. This is high power LED grow light. That's right, in addition to being great ways to lighten the environment. They are also ways to stimulate the development of plants.

 High Power LED Grow Light

LED lights, when compared to traditional ones, are:

  • more efficient
  • long-lasting
  • Sustainable

 They do not release toxins into the environment. It also helps in preserving the environment.

Another advantage of LED lights is that they do not release heat – there is an outlet at the base of the lamp from which air is dissipated. This is one of the reasons that make using high power LED grow light ideal for a place with plants.


The most suitable is blue light, which stimulates the absorption of carbon dioxide. With this, and because heat dissipation does not occur, it is possible to install the LED lamp very close to the plant, up to around 30 cm away.

More and more LED lamps are used in cultivation, even in large areas, and in different countries. In addition to the functional advantages, it is possible to have very beautiful and sustainable results.

Which light is considered the best option?

There are several light options to grow indoors. You have at your disposal lots of lights, of various powers; high powers LED grow light, reflectors, ballasts, etc... Above all, we must make our selection according to the physical space we have available for our cultivation, as well as our level of demand and personal experience.


The HPS and MH lighting kits are the most powerful solution with the best results at present. They remain the solution used by indoor growers. To connect an HPS or MH lamp, you need ballast and a reflector with a suitable socket (E40).


Within the high-intensity lamps there are 3 different types, the MH, the HPS, and the SHPS (growth + flowering) also known as Dual/Grolux/Green Power?

MH (growth) lamps have a white/blue spectrum, ideal for the growing phase of plants. Its cooler color temperature favors the plant's leafy development. Moreover, it provides broader and more compact plants, with less distance between the nodules.

HPS (flowering) lamps have a yellow/reddish spectrum, especially well for the flowering stage of plants. Lamps of this type are undoubtedly the most suitable for use from the beginning to the end of a crop.

And which power to choose when choosing an HPS or MH lighting kit?  

The relationship between the cultivation area and the recommended high power LED grow light is as follows:

  • 150W:  area up to 60x60cm
  • 250W: area of ​​60x60cm up to 90x90cm
  • 400W: area of ​​80x80cm up to 120x120cm
  • 600W: area of ​​120x120cm up to 200x200cm

When choosing the area/power ratio, the type of reflector chosen is very important. A normal open reflector perfectly illuminates the minimum recommended area described above. If we use an Adjust-A-Wings or Parabolic reflector, we can count on illuminating the largest possible area.


Ballast is another essential component when opting for HPS/MH lighting or high power LED grow light. There are two types of ballasts available, electromagnetic and electronic. The big and main difference is that the electronic ballasts with adjustable power allow you to choose the right power for each stage of cultivation, allowing for great energy savings in the vegetative phase of the plant.


For example, if we use 600W electronic ballast, we can only use the same lamp at 300W during the entire growing season.

That is, we spend 50% less in relation to normal electrical consumption! With the power selector, we can also use lamps with a power lower than the ballast in complete safety, as long as the selected power is equal to or less than the high power LED grow light.


Electronic ballasts, due to their mode of operation, because a much lower wear of the lamps, increasing their useful life up to three times longer.  On top of that, the electronic ballasts also have “Super Lumens” or “Super Charge “function. With this function selected, it allows us to use 10% more light, which can be crucial in peak flower formation.

Current electromagnetic ballasts are quite effective. However, they have some disadvantages compared to electronic ones: they are much heavier; heat up more becoming less efficient because of it; do not allow selection of potency according to the stage of cultivation; they are not totally silent.

 However, properly installed they are completely safe, are very economical and allow us practically the same results as electronic ballast.


At an earlier stage of plant life, the HPS high power LED grow light should be at a very comfortable distance from the plants. From the end of the 2nd week of life, we will be able to gradually bring the bulb closer to the plants, very little at a time.

 In the case of lower powers the lamps should never come closer than 30/40cm. In the case of higher powers, we must keep a distance of at least 50/60cm from the plants.


The  Urbicult  have at your disposal  Kits Complete Lighting , divided by the major powers ( 150W ,  250W ,  400W  and  600W ), and numerous combinations between different lamp, reflector and ballast. Our Lighting Kits are a complete solution, including all the cables and accessories necessary for your installation, and at an unbeatable price!


Also known as "economical",  fluorescent lights  have the great advantage of being the ones that consume less energy and that high power LED grow light emits much less heat than HPS or MH lights. However, they also produce much less lumens than HPS or MH lamps.
High Power LED Grow Light

Why are high power LED grow lights excellent choices?

Fluorescent lights are excellent for germinating, propagating and maintaining mother plants. Many growers also prefer to cycle with fluorescent lights due to their low consumption, although they provide slower growth than MH lamps, for example.

This type of lighting is also a widely used solution to eliminate poorly lit spots in growing spaces where HPS lighting is used. They are an excellent solution to use together with HPS or MH lamps, complementing their light spectrum, offering a greater variety of color to plants.

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