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How to use LED grow light strips for plantation?

How to use LED grow light strips for plantation?

LED grow light strips
We all know that plants also need to eat to live, and the plant's food is water, nutrients and light. Without one of these foods the plant will die. However, in the house, how can there be light, even the balustrade area is now often obscured by the opposite house. The solution is LED grow light strips.

So arose right in the thought that it is necessary to immediately buy led grow lights for indoor plants, but, what to choose?

Most of the "advertised" led lights used for growing plants are led lights because of the advantages of no heat, high durability, energy saving.

LED grow light strips Specifications

LED grow light strips refers to the wavelength of light of each component within a light source that affects the growth of plants.

 For photosynthesis, plants use light located in the PAR region (photosynthetic active radiation) with wavelengths from 400 nm to 700 nm.

The nanometer is a universal unit of measurement but is also used to measure the light spectrum. Humans can only detect wavelengths of the visible light spectrum (380-740nm).

Plants, on the other hand, "see" wavelengths that include both our visible light and both the ultraviolet and infrared spectrums.


2 Important things in Choosing LED grow light strips

It is important to note that LED grow light strips that affects plant growth varies depending on things like:

  • environmental conditions
  • plant species, etc

The molecule in plants is responsible for converting light energy into chemical energy. Moreover, it absorbs most of the light in the blue and red light spectrum for photosynthesis.

Why do we need LED grow light strips?

The use of LED grow lights was first introduced by NASA when coining the phrase "horticultural" after decades of research. LED grow lights are LED lights that emit light with wavelengths of red and blue.

They are necessary wavelengths for plants. The chemicals produced in the process of photosynthesis to help plants grow are stimulated by 2 colors of light.

This light, although to varying degrees as we change the color. The chemicals are "phytochromes". These react to red light and promote the growth of iron while "cryptochromes" are sensitive to blue light and help control the plant's light response.

How to use LED grow light strips for plantation?

 You can plant well-developed plants with only 1 of 2 colors green or red, but if you have both green and red colors, the plants will grow faster. For led lights, the control to emit only a single color at will can be done very easily. LED grow light strips are widely used in growing plants, stimulating plants to grow.

How LED grow light strips save energy?

In addition, LED lights save energy and are more durable, so investing in the development of LED lights for trees is also economically effective. LED lights are also safer when they do not emit too much heat to heat the plant, do not emit gas, leak sulfur like fluorescent lamps, and are not fragile.

 The fact that LED grow light strips emit less heat also helps to arrange the lights closer to the tree, helping the plant to absorb maximum light without burning the leaves.

How to use led lights for growing plants?

As we all know, now that light control technology has developed, we can not only turn it on and off, and we can also set a timer, change the color, change the brightness and dark, and so this can also be done. We have many different types of plants and of course each plant will have different light absorption, lighting schedule is also completely different.

 LED grow light strips

Today, scientists have done a lot of research to create LED grow light strips diagrams for each different tree.

 It comes with the ambition of integrating it in software so that the system automatically regulates the light for the tree.

For example, the company is currently studying which light spectrum is good for mint (basil) by varying the intensity and duration, of the shades of blue, red and white.

LED grow light strips increasing the green color light

They found that gradually increasing the green color in the light gave the mint leaves more flavor and gradually increased to the maximum 32% threshold. With 32% green light, mint produces the most fragrant and flavorful leaves. The secret is revealed, every time we change the light spectrum, each plant will react and give off

 Experiments have proven that by adjusting the light accordingly, we can harvest the full crop with only LED lights that provide LED grow light strips for the plants, without any additional light.

LED grow light strips have green and red colors

The answer is not necessary. First, you need to know that you are choosing a lamp to plant trees. It must have green and red colors, or at least have 1 of those 2 colors.

Then you need to observe. Plants at each stage of growth will need different light, the larger the plant, the more light it will need. However, it is most obvious that underexposed plants will have yellow spots on the leaves, and then we need to increase the amount of light.

If the amount of light is too much, the plant will become sluggish. Again, you need to observe the behavior of the tree.

LED grow light strips auto adjust the colors of light

Looking at the picture below we can see, dill plants need green light and close to the ultraviolet (ultraviolet) light, flowering and fruiting plants need red light close to infrared. One more point to note is that blue light reduces pests and insects, and red light attracts insects, so you need to adjust the red color to a moderate level.


This article is also quite long and gives you some very basic concepts about LED grow light strips for indoor as well as for aquariums. You just need to understand the idea that plants need 2 types of red and blue light and from there reduce the amount of blue and red.

If you need to know more about led grow lights and want to buy and try them yourself, please contact us.

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