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Note when using LED lights to grow hydroponic vegetables

Plant LED light is very useful equipment when growing plants indoors or in low light places. Helps optimize the photosynthesis and growth needs of plants. The product is very suitable and effective for the projects of growing clean vegetables in communal areas and villas.

 Plant LED light

 Families with small vegetable growing space, little sunshine, and take no time to take care of vegetables. So note when using LED lights to grow hydroponic vegetables? The following article we will answer for you!

Table of contents

What are LED grow lights?

The effect of the hydroponic system of led lights to grow plants

Help plants grow and develop better

Flexibility in growing vegetables, choosing a planting location

Note when using the led hydroponic system to grow vegetables

What are LED grow lights?

There are many people who are still misunderstanding that plant LED light is also ordinary LED lights, but this is a completely wrong statement. Because grow lights are lamps that only focus on the correct wavelengths of the spectrum to allow plants to photosynthesize. While conventional LED lighting does not focus on this issue.

Led lights for growing hydroponic vegetables

This is also one of the notes that we want to remind those of you who are intending to buy LED lights to illuminate indoor plants. You should buy the right type of specialized LED photosynthetic lights to bring higher lighting efficiency.

The effect of the hydroponic system of led lights to grow plants

The LED hydroponic system is a type of light system that only focuses on projecting the correct spectrum wavelengths, creating a suitable light source for plants to photosynthesize. Growing vegetables with hydroponic technology in a closed house, in a low-light environment, brings many high use values:

Help plants grow and develop better

With optimum light waves emitted from the plant LED light will end push photosynthesis process of plants. From there, plants can grow and develop better, at a faster rate

Flexibility in growing vegetables, choosing a planting location

Instead of having to waste time and effort to research where to place the vegetable growing system so that plants can absorb light well, and grow better. Then with agricultural LED bulbs you can place the system where you want, without having to worry about light problems for the plants.

With indoor plant LED light, you can grow vegetables anywhere. For example: in basements, in containers, in closed houses or in rooms without windows. Plants can still absorb light from lights to grow and develop quickly.

Note when using the led hydroponic system to grow vegetables

About lighting time

There are many people who are still mistakenly thinking that LED lights should be used for photosynthesis throughout the day and night. The longer the lighting time, the more plants will photosynthesize and will grow and develop faster.

Led light for indoor hydroponic vegetable growing

But this is downright wrong. You should only use LED grow lights for 10 to 12 hours a day. If the lighting time is longer, it will be very energy-consuming and will not bring high efficiency.

When choosing LED lights

There are many different types of plant LED light on the market today. However, to ensure that the light of the lamp is the best light for plants, the user must note some information:

 Plant LED light

Sunlight is a synthesis of white light while plants only absorb two main light bands as blue light band (425nm - 475nm) and red light band (620nm - 730nm) for photosynthesis. Therefore, the type of lamp used to replace sunlight needs to have a spectrum of 350 - 800 nm.

We often see there are 2 types of lights dedicated to growing plants, which are unsplit lights and split spectrum lights. In fact, these two types of lights are not too different in use, but the cost of the separated lamps is much higher.

Which is the best type of plant LED light?

Therefore, when deciding to choose the type of led light, you should carefully consider the economy and the efficiency achieved to choose the appropriate type of lamp.

Adjust watering as needed

Watering causes some problems for those who are starting to grow vegetables with plant LED light. Most guidelines for watering or providing food for plants are based on HSP lighting, where transpiration occurs and daily watering is discharged to replace the amount of water, food, etc. escaping from the pot ( if planted in the ground).

When using LED lights, the loss of steam or food is not a problem, however, over watering is really dangerous.

Provides nutrients for plants

Plants grown under LED usually only require about 30% of the nutrients compared to HPS lighting. You should also add Cal - Mag when growing with LED lights.

Hydroponic systems require less refilling of the tank because there is less nutrient loss.

 Increase room temperature in winter

The heat level in the growing area was significantly reduced compared to when using HPS lighting. This reduces heat stress on the plant; however, in cold weather you should pay special attention to the temperature of the growing area.

Some popular models of today's popular hydroponic vegetable grow lights

To meet the current demand for plant LED light for hydroponic vegetables, we offer many models of LED grow lights, including some popular models such as:

MATRIX200 200W FULL SPECTRUM LED GROW LIGHT is a new product line of on modern lines and applying high-end led chips to provide a strong, stable and safe light source for users. It is a quality product, worthy of consumers' trust and ownership for lighting space.

MATRIX200 200W FULL SPECTRUM LED GROW LIGHT has many advantages such as:


  • Dimmable from 10-100%.
  • Light angle up to 300°
  • Wattages width and caps
  • Energy efficiency
  • Provide the right amount of light for the plant
  • Can directly replace incandescent bulbs.


We have shared with you the notes when using LED grow lights for hydroponic vegetables and also offer the most popular lamp models. Hope you will choose the right LED light for the space in your home.

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