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2.5LBS Tangie Cookies with GLMX720

2.5LBS Tangie Cookies with GLMX720

Lights Type: VANQ LED GLMX720 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 

Strain: Tangie Cookies

Grow cycle: 26th Jan. – 14th Apr.

Year: 2021

Total Number of Plants – 16 (4×4 Canopy Space)

Grow Medium – Peat Moss based soilless grow media.

Planting Date: 26th January

Flip Date: 9th February

Harvest Date: 14th April

Drying & Curing Details – Hang Dry @ 15C/60% RH for 19 days /Hand Trim.

Total Dry Flower weight – 2.5lbs (1136 grams)

Total THC percentage: 23.2%

Total Terpenes: 3.4%

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