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What is professional LED grow light? Features and Practical Applications

What is professional LED grow light? Features and Practical Applications

professional LED grow light
With eco-friendly quality, low power, low energy use, Professional LED grow light will be a modern smart device, helping plants grow well. For more information about this type of light, you can refer to the following article about LED grow lights.

What are LED grow lights?

Without knowing what LED photosynthesis is, you cannot make any idea how to use it.

LED grow lights use spectral wavelengths in the color range from 380 to 750 nanometers (nm), suitable for use in indoor plants or places with low light.

Features of LED agricultural lights

Output of wavelength

For plants, there are special wavelengths of light that are essential for photosynthesis and plant growth.

In the photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) range, some wavelengths of light promote the growth of vegetation or flowers, and some of them interfere with plant growth.

Scientific experiments determined that red and blue wavelengths are the most important. LED lighting for humans cannot emphasize blue and red, so it is not suitable for lighting plants.

Features of Professional LED grow light

Power of LED grow lights

The Watt rating is a measure of the energy input required by the lamp. Professional LED grow light output is not only a feature of Watt but also the quality of design components such as LED chip, heatsink, driver, etc. Increasing the wattage will reduce the efficiency of LED grow lights because of the increase. It maintains temperature in the electronic circuit board.

So, the manufacturers of Professional LED grow light claims Watt as a measure of palatability and then in doubt, you need to learn more about Watt and PAR, depending on the manufacturer's information.

Light intensity of the device

You can easily measure the light source from different distances if you have access in the light meter. You will find that with increasing distance between light source and light meter, light intensity will decrease.


The manufacturer can position the grow light high above the vegetation and illuminate a large trace, from which the light intensity is greater if the LED grow light is designed to be placed near the plants, lower when beside.

The leaf tissue when exposed to the LED light is not affected because the lamp is designed to operate cool enough and emit little heat. So you can keep Professional LED grow light close to the plants.

However, the light intensity of LED grow lights needs to be limited because if it is too high, it will cause the plant tissue to be burned by the lamp.

Professional LED grow light chip quality

LED diodes are manufactured to several specifications to emit actual wavelengths. Reputable manufacturers use a sophisticated process and the diodes produced will emit the correct wavelength of light.

Besides, there are a number of other manufacturers that specialize in low-cost Professional LED grow light to appeal to budget-conscious consumers.

 professional LED grow light

However, cheap LEDs may not emit the required and specific wavelengths for plants and have varying light intensities. Consumers should be aware of this.

LED lens

The quality of the LED depends on the lens attached to it. The light lens will affect the trace and output.

If it doesn't provide the desired trace and the right intensity then plant health will not be achieved, that's how you measure the quality of the lights.

Why grow plants with LED lights?

Long lifespan

This is a great advantage of Professional LED grow light. These devices have an extended lifespan of 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which means five years or more of continuous use.

Before buying, check the model specifications to purchase equipment that will last at least 50,000 hours. The energy used for LED grow lights is usually lower than that of conventional lights.

The most unique feature of LED grow lights is that they can warn before the power goes out. Near the end of their life, some chips will darken and some will emit less light, so you have time to replace them.

Flexible installation of Professional LED grow light

You can use LED photosynthetic lights in any location with great flexibility and ease. Placing bulbs and panels close to plants can maximize light efficiency.

Less heat

Normal plant lighting emits more heat than LEDs, both of which are important for growing plants but within a limited proportion. Excess heat will affect plant growth.

Growing plants with LEDs will provide you with a balanced ratio of heat to light. They are designed to provide more light as well as give off less heat and are more optimal.

Enhance plant growth

Plant growth will accelerate when they are provided with an optimal light source. Adjusting the length of daylight will increase growth even more.

Since Professional LED grow light does not need ballasts, they will be lighter than conventional grow lights. You can fit the LED photosynthetic into your normal lighting accessories and you won't face any problems.

Since LED grow lights have their own reflector, there is no need to install an additional reflector.

Notes when choosing LED grow lights

On the market today, there are many types of grow lights with many different designs, models and prices. However, to ensure the most optimal light for plants, you should refer to some of the following notes:

Light from the sun is a synthesis of white light, while plants only absorb 2 main light bands, blue light (425 - 475 nm) and red light band (620 - 730 nm) to help photosynthetic plants. Therefore, it is necessary to choose lamps with a spectrum of 350 - 800 nm to replace sunlight.


We often see that there are 2 types of specialized plants for growing plants:

  1. unsplit lamps
  2. split-spectrum lamps

 These two types of Professional LED grow lights have not much different uses and are both commonly used, but usually the cost of the separated spectrum lamp is much higher.

Therefore, when deciding which type to buy, you should carefully consider the economy and efficiency to choose the right type of lamp.

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